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Pragara'elemi: The origins of the first demons
Demonic creatures spawned from shadow, void and true magic inhabited the physical plains along with the Fey races of the Old World. These beings existed off of the massive amounts of True Magic that full up the world in the never ending darkness.
One day a great and powerful being commanded "Let there be Light." and the light pushed back the beings of the dark world and began the slow destabilisation of the universe. The creation of humans and the light began to cause the True magic of the world to break apart and thus the fey and demon races began to die off from corruption or lack of their required magic source. So the beings slit off taking up residence in the Over and Under Realms while some stayed on Earth. The being then created the heavens which caused a rift in the universe to open into the void were something twisted and evil crawled out. It created the Hellion Plains which balanced the heavens made for the sole purpose to keep the world stable so that when magic finally died
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PA: Kyt Dar'nella
Name: Tay Kyt Dar'nella (Pronounced: Kite Dar-nel-la)
((Tay is his family's branch name in the clan and is not too important when referring to him it's more for within the Clan as a way to tell who is whose kid or close relative they are.))

Age: 18
He's 18 by the standards of his home realm but his world has a longer year cycle so he's not exactly 18 in human terms (also I don't want to do the math)

Gender: Male

Height: 6'1" (slightly short for a male of his species)

Birth Date: 40th of Tenmar (20th of April)
Easier to just say some random date is his birthday than try to work out when his birthday is and how often it comes around.

Species: Torcan'illu (Pronounced: Tor-can-ill-oo)
The Torcan'illu were orginally formed from hybrids of other species such as elves, fae, demon and mortal. This was after the weakening of magic in the world which forced many species into the same areas making hybrids more common. After several eons and migration to the Over Realm the Torcan'illu had evolved from the mismatched hybrids to their own distinct species with unique DNA containing the largest number of gene variations to date. However they do not normally leave the Over Realm hence why they are not often seen as well as they are still seen as nothing more than mongrels by some species making them avoid other races.

Abilities -
Void Fusion:
 Kyt has a basic understanding of Void Fusion but lacks the discipline to properly maintain it without risking becoming corrupted by it. Part of this is due to dulled senses from being away from his realm and the Unstable Nexus. With Void permanently infused in his arms and legs Kyt is slightly stronger and faster than normal but can only keep up such speed and strength for a hour providing he's not using his Gravity Manipulation.

Gravity Manipulation: Kyt can for short periods of time in non battle scenarios can maintain a inverted gravity for 30 minutes providing he focuses and makes no sudden movements. In battle where focusing on the manipulation and energy levels is all but impossible especially with his dulled senses Kyt uses small bursts to assist in dodging and moving in close to attack however he can't do this continuously so he only does it when it gives him a tactical advantage. When he gets very serious in a fight however he will remove the gloves to reveal the blackened arms from Void Fusion. From the skin he can send a large force at his opponent but it takes several seconds to prepare and for that time he has to stand dead still to collect enough energy in his arms to release the force. If he performs this attack it has to be for escape or finishing the fight since he will be unable to use any of his abilities afterwards and will be fatigued. The force push should contain enough power behind it to break bones but it can be dodged and the further away you are when it hits you the less force you experience on yourself than if you were right in front of him. The force push can only be used once and he will be unable to fight and full strength for several days afterwards.

Personal Item -  Shard of the Abyss Necklace 
The necklace has both religious value and some minor combat value. This shard is incredibly sharp and is formed from blood of elder clan members crystallised using pressure and the Dar'nella say when held over their heart they can hear the voice of the Abyss Lord. This act of hold the shard over their heart when praying has lead to the clan mark to be altered and tattooed on their chest as the centre of the spiral signifies the clan's devotion to the Abyss Lord when the shard is held in the centre of the spiral.
Now for the combat side of this necklace the Abyss Shard grants the wearer Cold Skin which ups their defence a little and a minor immunity to the cold. This defence increase helps the light armour wearing Dar'nella hold their own in battle since their ability to alter gravity works better with the less weight they have to deal with. Kyt has very minor versions of this outside his home realm but not enough for staving off fatal wounds but it will take a little more force to give him a bruise and a scratch.
Classes Attending - Starter Void Magic Studies - Introduction and Fusion

Classes Passed - N/A

Purification Points -
20 Points (intitial starting value)
Total: 20

Proficiency Points - 

Total: 0

Reward Items 
- N/A
(Items students have received from completing events.)

- Cold dark places.
Due to the nature of his home realm Kyt grew up in such places. The Sun tends to dazzle him and messes with his vision anyway
- Pushing his limits and other people's. (For better or worse)
This was drilled into him by his father and the rest of the clan was the the Dar'nella proverb. "Perfection is impossible but those who do not push the limits of everything they influence are weak." 
This very saying can be cause for alarm especially when it is Void users saying it but this is what makes Kyt very stubborn to people and aggravating to a degree because he will pick fights if a person will help him to push his limits. This does mean he approaches Void Magic a little on the reckless side but that couples with his clan not having the same level of caution most other Void users have and the same level of knowledge.
- He likes to make carvings.
Using the sharpness of his Abyss Shard he tends to be found carving. Often one can find his carvings lying around since once it is complete he tends to discard it and move on to the next one.
- Battle.
One can not be born of a Battle Clan and not have a love for fighting. It's practicly part of their culture.
- Perfers silence
"Silence is golden less you wish to die quicker."
The Tay family being orintated to work that requires stealth have alway disliked talking and noise and have preferred silence. In fact they use a sign language within their homes and with other family members to preserve the silence.
- Windy days.
Part of Blade Dancer training is called Wind Dancing where a aspiring Blade Dancer will move with the wind. Wearing special wood circlets with special channels and holes carved through out it. A master Blade Dancer should be able to move with the wind and the circlets would play the Song of the Wind. 

- Bright lights and heat.
He and the Sun don't get along plus he burns before he tans.
- Non Clan Authoritive people.
To be honest he's only in the school because a good friend of his begged him to go since they feared his Void usage habits but that doesn't mean he's disposed to people telling him what to do if they haven't proven they are worthy as a superior to him.
- Theory lessons.
He learns better by doing rather than by book work. The fact he had to learn to read, write and speak a new language to attend Purgatoria Academia also contributed to this negative outlook on the theory lessons. He still struggles with reading and will refuse to read out loud. He'd rather storm out of the class room and take a detention than read and spend five minutes reading a couple of sentences.
- Being watched when Wind Dancing.
Its more clan pride that adds to his dislike of being seen as flawed in areas since he does not want to insult his clan by having others see his weaknesses. Plus it's easier to concentrate when you don't have an audience. 

- Large bodies of water.
This is more with bodies of water he cannot see the shore on the other side of for example large lakes or oceans but he still will avoid deep waters too. This comes from living where no such bodies of water exist in his general area. He actually can't swim and has never set foot in any of the above.
- The Shadows.
The Shadows are what Dar'nella call the temptations and voices they sometimes hear from practicing Void Magic and their lack of caution with it. Any Void user of the Dar'nella Clan will say they will see things moving in the corners of their vision and are known to be paranoid when their Willpower wavers causing the visions to get worse. Most times they will grab their necklaces and hold them over their left breast in spontaneous prayer to help and they say that the voice of their Lord help drive away the shadows
- Losing his necklace.
With so much meaning and value behind the necklace losing it would be worse than death to Kyt. Not only is his necklace will be what future generations will look upon and know the tales of his deeds but also his connection to his God and one supporting pillar that gives him some comfort in this strange realm.

- Gift of Word
The Torcan'illu are naturally good at learning spoken language as their own language was created from the various dialects their hybrid origins brought in. Even though this was generations upon generations ago many rules of their spoken language help them grasp other languages easier due to some shared origins. This does mean though many struggle with reading and writing in other languages.  
- Combat Trained (Nimble Blade Style)
Being born of a War Clan means you gotta know how to fight. Being a Blade Dancer you need to be able to dance with your enemies.
- Stealth
Stealth is an important skill as Blade Dancers need to ambush and surprise their opponents to gain the advantage.
"A Blade Dancer must always strike the first blow. There is no second for you'd be dead."

- Nimble
Nimbleness is a requirement to be a dancer.
- Agile
Torcan'illu are very agile which is due to having more ties to the agile elves of old than any other species.

- Demon Circles and Holy/Grace spells
Having some of the more extreme demon based traits in the sense of his 'soul state' Kyt is technically classed demonic and can be trapped in circles and holy energy can hurt more than other energy. However salt based circles don't work unless it is blessed.
- Low Stamina
Blade Dancers are not endurance fighters and rely on speed and liquid like movements to floor an enemy as quick as possible.

- Stubborn
- Cold
- Distrustful
- Calculative 
- Loyal
- Honest
- Explosive Anger
- A Limit Pusher
- Prideful

Kyt is not easy to really sum up. To someone who hasn't earned his respect he's cold, stubborn and distrustful. He will push their limits with disrespectful actions or words all the while his face being a cold blank canvas devoid of emotion while his eyes never once blinking as they watched your every move building up a profile of everything even working out the type of fighter you are and if you are even worth his time. If conversation takes a turn for the worst you will see anger that bring blades and some Void fused fists in your direction. However if you do manage to worm your way close to him or as close as one can get save his best friend from home you will see the distrustful nature vanish and in its place the loyalty that the Dar'nella are well known for. If you can get closer when he's around only people that reach this level of friendship with him you may even see his cold demeanour melt even if it's only a little. Those he likes and considers allies may here him speak more in their presence but he is very prone to be honest which can be both good and bad since there are extremes. With limit pushing it can be out of disrespect and the intention to help push other limits for their benefit.

(subject to change as I explore this character through rp)

Kyt was born to the Dar'nella Clan and grew up around Void users and using the Void himself leading him knowing the temptations that Void offered for as long as he can remember. Always knowing war Kyt respected those who would fight battle after battle in a war that no one could remember how it started and that lead to him pushing himself at a young age to master Void Fusion or master it in the sense of his Clan's teachings. This use of Void did start the blackening of his limbs from very early on forcing him at the age of 6 to cover almost his entire arms up to the elbows. Every so often Trader Zeppelins would brave the Underside and the Nexus to sell and trade with the Underside Clans. It was one such time when his father took Kyt to the Trade Docks (the only neutral area there was) where he met a young Tekka girl trader sitting on the ground with little carved wooden toys and figures. She was looking into a metal item which made a ticking noise that Kyt later found out was traders version of the Abyss Shard for the Dar'nella. 
Kyt opted to watch the girl after all it was the first time he had seen another race of Torcan and a little girl who wasn't devoted to tending to her God Shrine. Watching her he heard her switch from dialect to dialect he even heard is own clan tongue although it was mashed with something else. Over multiple trips Kyt learned the girl was a traders daughter and part of the Tekka race which his farther said were Torcan'illu born on ships and live only to part people with their hard earned spoils. Because of the ability to pick up languages easier the Tekka were one of the most bilingual Torcan'illu almost being able to speak every dialect on their trade routes fluently and possessing a passing grasp of languages they came into contact less frequently.
Eventually Kyt approached this girl at first talking to her was unbareable since her butchered version of his tongue was filled with slang and her trying to sell the wooden figures of hers. He eventually traded one for a bracelet he pestered a younger female cousin to make before going to the Docks again with his father. After the trade was made she jumped up and showed another Tekka trader that was manning the stall she was sitting in front of. He nodded in approval and patted her head before speaking in what must have been her native tongue which caused the girl to clap her hands in delight. From that day on Kyt had inadvertently made a friend when all he wanted to do was understand this strange girl.
Coa was her name and at the start she didn't shy away from talking and talking and talking to Kyt at one point he found himself running from this trader girl who just couldn't be quiet. This forced him to speak more as he corrected her when she was pronouncing things wrong and only to get a massive stream of questions in return for his troubles. It wasn't all bad as he learned a lot about the surface and the places Coa had been. In turn he told her about his home and other things.
eventually the pair grew up and saw each other less due to Kyt's duties and the fact that Coa had her own ship and trade route but they still came into contact often enough. However each time Coa saw Kyt concern started to mount as Kyt seemed to be showing less and less regard for the powers of Void that until she made a trip to another realm and learned of the effects Void in detail did she approach her friend on this matter. 
At the time Kyt was being held back from duties that required him to use Void Magic as he had began to worry his own father when Coa came begging him to seek out more training and knowledge. Being a silver tongued trader as she was she slowly managed to win over key members of the clan selling the fact that the Clan would benefit for generations if they send Kyt to attend a place that teaches the art of Void Magic and how it would benefit the battles of the Clan. Eventually Kyt was ordered to go with great deal of complaining and on the promise to at least try the first two years at the place Coa heard of before giving up on it.
Being coaxed onto her zeppelin Halbert Kyt spent a year with Coa learning to read and write as well as speak the language of the realm he was going to be living in as well as give him time to adjust to sunlight so his vision wasn't completely stolen from him. For his friend he will attempt to learn but made no promises he was going to be complacent with the tutors of Purgatoria Academia.

[Misc Info]
- Full Body and detail Reference 
- When gathering Void into his being the expose blacken flesh and his horns will smoke a little giving off an inky black smoke.

Roleplay info & Preferences

I'm always up for rps whether it's causal rp in the comments or story driven rp in Skype I'm game. Here's the list of things you should know about me as a RPer:

    - I prefer to use literature but I am flexible
    - Please no short replies that I can't build off of

    - I'm not really to opposed to most subject matters as long as it makes sense story wise.

    - Please avoid emotes they don't really convey much.

    - With controversial topics like suicide and others things need to be talked about before rping this is because it has to be either due to you character's development that there is motive behind this or as part of overcoming an obstacle in their way to allow growth.

    - No character control unless it's minor to get my character to notice something but I tend to respond to things if you draw attention to them in your rps.

    - No using my character in rps I'm not party to.

    - Forms of contact
        - Skype: My preferred place to rp things in detail
        - Line: A recent app I use and I'm open to use but more of a last resort 
        - Discord: Have it don't know how to use it so you gotta teach me
        - Comments: Causal rp here I'm terrible at keeping up with it

    - What I don't use and why
        - Notes: My iPad can't handle notes especially when they get long and I'm opposed to cutting notes down because I like to be able to check back on rps. Sorry to be difficult
        - dA Chat: I use an iPad so my device lacks the plugins to allow the chat to work. There's no way to fix that I'm afraid. Anyone who doesn't have a computer or has a device that cannot use the chat would understand!

Note me if you want my contact details for the above accounts you want to rp with me.

Character Usage - 
Members of the group and only the group PurgatoriaAcademia are allowed to use my character for the purposes of group orientated art and to release their creativity. However please refrain of OOC and drawing events that may change the character's opinion of your own without at least consulting me first. I'm not scary and I won't bite your head off I'd rather know what you are doing and help you with things you aren't sure about ^^ 

Character Relationships

Sample relationship - Non Academia
Coa Mak [Status: Childhood Friend]
"They say good friends never leave your side.... then there is Coa..."
Coa is the equivalent of a best friend and a nagging mother. She constantly fussing over Kyt and has bullied him lovingly into sending her letters so at least she can keep up to date and in contact. Also she wants them both to use the language she taught him to help him get better at reading and writing.

(Name)  [Status: (friend, enemy, rival etc.)]
→ Relationship Description.
Screw pears it's bananas all the way!
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1. :iconbloodyxjezter:

I love your style it's cartoony creepy and I'm like how you do this? XD
It's also amazing to see how you've evolved over the time we've talked and I've watched you X3 
Comm - Darlin by BloodyxJezterJezter ID by BloodyxJezter

You Are Blind by BloodyxJezter


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